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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future


Music Intent


At St John XXIII, we believe every child is a musician. We help children develop their musicianship through high quality musical experiences both in and outside school. As well as weekly music lessons with our specialist teacher, we offer enrichment opportunities such as music projects and trips so that children can experience music in a variety of ways; with different musicians and at exciting London venues. As a church school, music forms an important part of our worship. We sing together in assemblies and for special celebrations we gather together as a school community and sing at our parish church.


By the time children leave St John XXIII, they will have mastered a range of skills that will support their future development. These are –

· To be good communicators – language will be modelled daily to encourage speaking and listening. Singing is used as another way to develop speaking and listening with nursery rhymes, songs and hymns. Body percussion is also used to help develop listening skills. 

· To be enthusiastic, lifelong learners and have a love of music and it's emotive powers.

· To understand how to keep themselves safe and be respectful in their communities by embodying a love of music that can bring communities together but to also recognise when lyrics can cause upset to others and be respectful of this.

· To develop their God given talents by being creative in all their musical ventures, to allow the music to flow through their bodies and be confident to perform their gift to all. 

· To be independent, resilient learners who enjoy challenges faced in music. Practice is essential to improve and become the musician they aspire to be


Our Intent is also specific to our music curriculum - 


Develop, enhance and unleash the music potential every child has.
Achieve proficiency in playing a musical  instrument and singing in a group setting and/or solo.
Achieve all the personal gain that music may provide (Self-confidence, social skills, discipline, etc.)
Develop performing skills with audience (practice, rehearsals)
Enhance the religious aspect of the school (Mass, Hymn practices, etc.)
Develop music knowledge and understanding (music theory, genres, cultures, history)
Develop music creativity and technology (composition and improvisation skills)
oyment and passion for music