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Science Week 21-22

This years STEAM week focus is…

We can find examples of growth all around us: whether that be in our everyday lives or within our journey of learning at school. There are too many examples to mention - this list just keeps on growing! A good example of growth we came up with is growing in maturity and growing our knowledge! Our world is full of examples of things growing. Growth can be seen within all STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths).


Skills STEM leaders Need

Some discoveries happen by accident or through good luck. Some happen with lots of people working together over a long time. The scientific community love to share their knowledge so they can grow together. All children ,during their science assembly, discussed the skills they might need to have a future in a STEM related career. Below are some outlined by the STEM institute.



This week involved us partaking in many different activities and workshops. These included:


Year 6 Visit to Cardinal Vaughan Science Labs


To end science week, Year 6 visited Cardinal Vaughan High School’s science labs and were led by the Year 12 pupils in a crime mystery.

STEM ambassador workshop (Computing Engineer)- Year 4, 5 + 6


All year groups were lucky enough to have a visitor from the STEM institute in called Nino. He discussed and answered the children's questions about what it took to be a computing engineer as well as how long it took him to build a computer!

Immersive Maths Escape Room- Year 5 + 6


Both year groups took part in an immersive maths problem solving escape room. They needed to use all of there old and new mathematical knowledge across a range of topics to crack the puzzles until they reached the end of the box. The quickest group were the winners, only succeeding when they had unlocked the key to stop their timer!


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Parent STEAM challenge

Lucy Hawkins Assembly and visit to the STEAM committee


We were very fortunate to have a visit from Lucy Hawkins who explained a variety of different concepts linking to the science topic ‘The Solar System’. She then gave us a snippet of her new book before meeting the STEAM committee for a mini Q&A and cutting the ribbon to officially open our STEAM room.


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The 2021-2022 STEAM committee

Ozbot Coding- Year 1 + 2


KS1 took part in a coding workshop...