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Writing Impact


 At St John XXIII, we measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:


  • In Class Feedback


We understand that feedback is linked to progress and has to be timely to make an impact. In class feedback is used to support teacher’s workload, ensure it is as immediate and timely and specific as possible, and leaves the teacher time to focus on individual identified needs. We use ‘hot marking,’ whereby the pupil receives immediate feedback and is able to respond to marking during the lesson.


  • Corrective Teaching/Summative Assessment


All marking in writing books follows the school’s marking and feedback policy. All teachers provide next steps during the writing process and this feedback may be delivered verbally (VF) or as written feedback. ‘Hot marking’ is encouraged whereby teachers mark work with the pupil and provide them with immediate feedback. Hot marking addresses any misconceptions during the lesson, however if a pupil has not met the learning question there is timely support so that they are able to continue on the learning journey with their peers. Teachers adapt their planning for the next lesson to ensure there is time to address these misconceptions. It may be addressed in the next lesson, by a Teaching Assistant or in small groups during the lesson. The misconceptions may also be addressed through in class marking, conferencing, and verbal feedback or with the use of mini plenaries.


  • Pre Teaching/Pre Assessment


All teachers must be aware of the pupil’s prior attainment. Where possible, the Teaching Assistants support teachers and complete pre-learning activities or activities in lessons which are tailored to address the learning gap. This might be re visiting vocabulary or basic skills needed to access the age related objective.


  • Partnership


Teachers engage parents through September welcome meetings. Fortnightly newsletters and Parent Consultation Days ensure an effective partnership to ensure children meet their age related expectations.


  • Moderation


Writing is moderated internally to ensure we make robust judgements, particularly on transfer between key stages. Teachers also take part in external moderation at a Local Authority and Deanery level. Every term, teachers meet to moderate writing and ensure that teacher assessments are accurate.


  • Formal Assessment Cycle


    • KS1/KS2 SAT’s in May
    • Year 1 Phonics screening in June
    • Big Write assessments – every half term
    • HeadStart Grammar and Punctuation assessments – every half term
    • Weekly spelling tests
    • Writing is moderated by all staff and then Teacher Assessment agreed based on the child’s performance in class.
    • EYFS is assessed and recorded using the Evidence Me programme. This is used to add photographs to the learning journeys of each child based on the EYFS objectives.
    • EYFS also follow Talk for Writing programme which the EYFS staff are attending train on.
    • Termly book monitoring
    • Learning walks
    • Pupil voice


  • School reports


School reports are issued at the end of the school year. Pupils are given a grade and targets for the following academic year for English.


The main intended impact of our delivery of Writing is that all pupils enjoy writing across a range of genres, can write for a range of purposes and audiences, and become confident and effective communicators. They will amass a varied vocabulary that they can use across the curriculum and can apply spelling rules and grammatical concepts in their work.


We also aim to ensure that our pupils are proud of their writing and have opportunity to see it on display and shared with others in the school and with their families.


Looking forward, we intend that by the end of Year 6 most children are meeting ARE and are ready for the secondary curriculum.



We hope that as pupils move on from us to further their education and learning that their creativity, passion for English and high aspirations travel with them and continue to grow.