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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future


At St John XXIII, we put Reading at the heart of the curriculum. Competence in reading is the key to independent learning and is given the highest priority at St John XXIII, enabling the children to become enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers. Success in reading has a direct effect upon progress in all other areas of the Curriculum and is crucial in developing our children’s self-confidence and motivation.


Reading is closely linked with writing – the two activities reinforce each other and at St John XXIII we prioritise it through The Power of Reading. Children become successful readers by using a range of strategies to get to the meaning of the text.  At St John XXIII, we believe that literate children should read with confidence, fluency, expression and clear understanding.


Our ultimate aim is for the children to become confident and independent readers who demonstrate high levels of enjoyment, understanding and comprehension, and for them to understand that reading is a life-long skill.


“We learn to read so that we can read to learn.”