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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future


Writing Intent


At St John XXIII, we understand how a strong grounding in English will impact the future learning and development of a pupil in all aspects of their life. We want to prepare children with the essential writing skills they will need for later life by providing an enriched and engaging English curriculum, where they write with a clear purpose across all subjects.



By the time children leave St John XXIII, they will have mastered a range of skills that will support their future development. These are –

· To be good communicators – language will be modelled daily to encourage speaking and listening. Children are exposed to a variety of different genres and vocabulary through well chosen texts.

· To be enthusiastic, lifelong learners where reading and writing skills will be part of their everyday life and they will have the confident and well prepared for Secondary School

· To understand how to keep themselves safe and be respectful in their communities by carefully selecting genres of books that expose children to the lifestyles, challenges and cultures of different communities.

· To develop their God given talents by being creative and imaginative in their writing

· To be independent, resilient learners who enjoy challenges and take risks in their writing


  • We create confident writers who develop stamina for writing throughout school and are able to write at length.
  • All of our pupils become independent writers, building on a range of skills as they work through each journey of writing.
  • We expose all pupils to high quality texts that model excellent writing practises across a broad range of genres.
  • Pupils have a secure understanding of the purpose of a text type, the purpose and intended impact of writing skills/tools and the ability to carefully select vocabulary with focus on the desired effect on the readers’ thoughts and feelings so that the impact of their writing is positive.
  • We ensure that all pupils know how to plan, practise, evaluate their work as well as carry out an effective edit and improvement process using feedback from the teacher.
  • Pupils are challenged and encouraged to take risks and view mistakes as a positive part of the learning process.
  • We celebrate writing at each stage through the learning process to encourage children to take pride in their work.
  • We provide a balanced and broad curriculum, which encompasses writing practice and equips children with the skills and knowledge of writing processes including handwriting, spelling, grammar, widening vocabulary and writing for different styles.
  • We are inclusive of all children, including SEND by providing the appropriate scaffolding, support and writing tools those children need in their writing process to experience success.
  • Our pupils have high expectations of themselves where they take pride in all aspects of learning and in everything they produce