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Curriculum Impact


Evaluating progress


There is a clear assessment cycle within the Singh Suite and progress is measured using formative and summative approaches. The assessments listed below inform planning and targets for personalised learning for each child on their Individual Support Plan:

  • Early Learning Goals (where applicable)
  • Maths
  • English: Read Write Inc
  • Language: Speech and Language therapists
  • Observations


Assessments are used to inform planning and formative assessment is ongoing. Formal and summative recording of progress is completed each term.

Other means of evaluating progress is achieved through:

  • Learning walks Queensmill and St John XXIII SLT
  • Subject Leader Learning walks
  • Book or work scrutiny
  • Moderation
  • Discussion with the child
  • Child self-evaluation


Summative data is recorded on the Education Health Care Plan which is reviewed annually; and it is also recorded on the school’s summative data system.


Evaluting Impact and Accountability


Summative data is shared with all stakeholders:

Children ( where applicable and appropriate),

Parents (on-going, through ISPs and at the Annual Review)

Staff ( Subject leaders analyse their own subject’s data and interrogate under aspects such as free school meals, girls/boys, different cohorts etc)


The Local Authority