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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Summer 1 2021






During this half term, our theme has been fantasy and magic. We focused on wonderful stories based on magical creatures and imaginary settings. Our first story we read together was called "Supertato" written by Sue Hendra. This was a story based on a super potato who bravely saved the vegetables and fruits from one mean and cunning evil pea!





Another story we focussed on was called "On the Way Home" by Jill Murphy. We absolutely adored this story filled with enchanted characters and a little girl with a big imagination.


Michael Recycle is an eco-friendly superhero that taught us a lot about recycling. There was a lot of rhyming words in this book and the children loved learning about all the different things we can reuse and recycle! We reused plastic bottles to make bird feeders.





But of course our imagination and creativity extends further than just a single theme or story. We have been free to explore our other interests and curiosities...



During our RE sessions, we have been exploring the concept of new life based around the Easter story. Our big question for this half term has been,

"How do we know Jesus is still with us?"



To start our topic we went on a walk around our school. We were looing out for signs of new life. We then all drew or painted what we saw on our walk.


During the month of May we remember Our Lady. We learnt lots about why Mary is so special and brought flowers to Our Lady of Fatima to celebrate her feast day





We were very lucky this year to have a very special guest deliver an exciting drama session. During this session we pretended we were sailing in a submarine. We met lots of fantastic sea creatures. Our task was to rescue the pearl of the ocean from a scary sea dragon!