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What are the Zones?

What are the Zones of Regulation?
Learning to identify and regulate emotions is a big job, especially for young children! The children at St John XXIII are learning about the ‘Zones of Regulation’ which is a model to help children identify their feelings, identify which ‘zone’ they belong to and allow them to regulate their own feelings and behaviours. 


We describe these zones using the colours blue, green, yellow and red.

  • In the Blue Zone we describe our bodies as ‘Running Slow.’
  • In the Green Zone we are ‘Good to Go.’ This is the Zone where we are most focussed and is normally the best Zone for the classroom.
  • In the Yellow Zone we remember to ‘Proceed with Caution.’ This is the Zone where we are beginning to lose control.
  • In the Red Zone we have lost control and we must remember to ‘STOP.’


The Zone of Regulation curriculum teaches children how to read their body’s signals, detect triggers, read social context, and consider how their behaviours impact those around them. We teach our children that there are no bad Zones to be in and that it is ok to be in any one Zone. We teach our children strategies to help them stay in Zones or move between them.


Every class has a visual display of the ‘Zones of Regulation’ that is used daily and referred to during PSHRE lessons and used as points for discussion. The teachers also use this model to explain how they are feeling and which strategies they can use to help them during challenging times.