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British Science Week

This week at St John XXIII we celebrated Science as it was British Science Week 2023This year’s theme is ‘Connections.’ The children had to find 'connections' in Science, whether that is connections to their lives, connections between certain scientific ideas and the world or how Scientists connect with each other to work collaboratively. There are many connections in Science!


The week was focused on discovering scientific connections through a series of activities from British Science Association and a whole school journey of sending a message around the school in different ways. Some of these activities and investigations will need to be followed up and completed next week due to the limited amount of days in our school week, however children certainly showed how excited they are about Science!

British Science Week Assembly

As a school, we introduced the theme for the week and treated the children to some exciting investigations: Rocket launching and Egg walking! The children thoroughly enjoyed being witness to and participating in these activities!


We also discussed the importance in Science in our lives and talking about Science, at home, at school, everywhere! We discussed what it means to be a Scientist, who can be a Scientist and where we can see Science all around us! We even came up with some ideas about what science is exactly.


The children were able to see themselves as Scientists and explain how they are connected to Science! Our main goal is that every child experiences Science, knows they are Scientists and finds a meaningful connection to Science and we are well on our way to achieving this!

British Science Week Celebration Assembly

After many investigations and Science exploration going on around the school this week, we had a celebration assembly where children had the chance to talk about their investigations from the week and receive certificates for Science, Science Bags and My Life, My Science Competition Entries!


The children were very excited to once again come back together and discuss Science and our work from this week. There will be a follow up gathering where we show off our models from our whole school 'connections' investigation next week!


Well done to all those children who have been working very hard at connecting with and exploring Science at school and at home!


British Science Week National Poster Competition 2023

We ended our week with the British Science Week National Poster Competition 2023 being introduced to the children. They will have an opportunity to think about what the theme 'Connections' within Science means to them. Hopefully we will have a winner at St John XXIII! Miss Hawron is very excited to see what our children come up with. Good Luck! smiley