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Year 4


Year 4's wider topic was based on Mediterranean Europe. Their overall big question was "What landmarks or monuments aid tourism in Italy and Greece". Lot's of children questioned the meaning of the phrase 'aid tourism'. To help us explore this further, we took the opportunity to apply it to a local fieldwork exercise which has been showcased below.




In order to plan how to investigate our new enquiry question, we decided to identify the location of places within White city that may pull in tourists to our area. In order to do this we used a digital mapping website called "digimaps". We looked at aerial images of White City and OS maps that contained symbols and labels. Here are some photo of us in action as well as some of the maps we produced.




Before we could leave the school, the children had to make sure they knew how to keep safe and avoid as many dangerous hazards as they could. Each child filled in a Risk Assessment form before we left. 


We visited some selected locations we identified in our previous digital mapping lesson and used the below sheet to talk about what tourists can do there. We gave each location a rating out of 5. Sadly, the weather meant most of the sheets could not be saved so we wrote a summary in our topic books when we returned to school.