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Anti-Racism Workshops

On Monday we were joined by Miss Lawton a previous teacher and now a Human Rights Barrister who also set up a company called ARISE (Anti Racism in Schools & Education). 


KS2 classes all took part in fantastic workshops which through a range of engaging activities, the workshop explored equality, fairness and prejudice. Children were presented with stories and scenarios and began to explore:


  • What is right and what is wrong

  • Our rights and responsibilities as human beings

  • Vocabulary around equality, in particular discrimination, prejudice and racism.

  • Different communities in Britain, discussing the importance of treating everybody fairly regardless of who they are, what language they speak and what they look like.

  • Examples and stories of racism, encouraging children to think about why it is wrong and how it may make a victim feel


EYFS and KS1 children also had an assembly and activities led by their class teachers to discuss diversity and celebrate their differences.