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Summer 1

Year 4 Trip to Holland Park Synagogue

On Monday 22nd May, Year 4 visited a local Synagogue in Holland Park. 

After our short walk over, we were welcomed by the staff at the Synagogue. They gave the boys a Kippah to wear on their heads as a sign of respect. We listened carefully to the staff who taught us all about the history of this particular Synagogue, their beliefs and celebrations. Following this, we were able to explore the lower and upper levels of the Synagogue as well as holding some special objects to Jewish people such as the Shofar (ram's horn). This was a great learning experience for all! 

On Wednesday 26th April we held our Year 4 Experience Day for Mediterranean Europe.

We started the day with an Art lesson where we decorated some vases with traditional Greek patterns! 

Next, we held an Olympic sporting event in PE which was lots of fun! 

With Mr Dalledone, we explored some traditional Mediterranean music and even created some of our own using Music Technology!

In the afternoon, we held a feast and tried some different foods from a range of Mediterranean countries.