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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Inspection Reports

Please find below our most recent Outstanding Ofsted reports and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables. 

Ofsted Report Section 5 - June 2022 - Outstanding

What do Ofsted say about St John XXIII - 


'Pope John is an outstanding school. Pupils' achievements are excellent, as are their behaviour and personal development. The quality of teaching, the curriculum and the quality of care, guidance and support are also outstanding.'


'The three elements of calmness, structure and routine epitomise all that enables pupils to receive such an outstanding education.'


'Pupils are considerate, have very high self-esteem and greatly enjoy school life. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding.'

RE Section


On 4th October 2018 our school had our Section 48 Ofsted Inspection. We are delighted to share our results with you. We are proud to say the St John XXIII achieved an Outstanding grade for Religious Education and an Outstanding grade for the Catholic Life of the School. Please read the attached report for further detail into the grades. 

What did the RE Ofsted Inspectors say about St John XXIII - 


'The school’s contribution to the Common Good and social justice is outstanding.'


'Pupils learn through a vibrant, rich curriculum, which enhances their creativity and understanding of the topics explored.'


'Pupils are extremely religiously literate. They confidently demonstrate their religious knowledge, which is underpinned by an excellent understanding of the theology, appropriate to their ages'


'The governing body has a shared vision and commitment to the strategic development of the school and this is worthy of note.'