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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Spring 2

Renaissance Art

During our Art lessons this term, we focussed on Renaissance Artists Albrech Durer (we sketched our own hands and used dimensions) and Leonardo da Vinci (we completed the other half of The Mona Lisa). We loved learning about this topic.

Forensic Science Workshop

To celebrate British Science Week, Reception to Year 6 enjoyed participating in the Forensic Science Workshops. They were immersed into the world of Crime Scene Investigators and learned about fingerprints, DNA and how to solve a crime. It was a brilliant workshop!

Imperial College Science - The Great Exhibition 

6T had a wonderful start to their Science Day celebrations. We were visited by a scientist and an inventor from Imperial College for The Great Exhibition Big Ideas show. We learned all about The Great Exhibition, looked at inventions and then we got a chance to make our own invention prototypes. We voted for 2 winners which will be showcased at The Great Exhibition in June.

Collective Worship

We pair up weekly to carry out Collective Worship in our classrooms.

We plan our worship carefully.

We do this in 4 parts:

  • Gather
  • Listen to the Word of God
  • Reflect on the meaning of the Word of God
  • Create a Mission for our day to be empowered by and bring the Gospel to life

Music - Trumpet lessons

Junior Citizenship Day

Year 6 visited Craven Cottage for Junior Citizenship Day. They had talks from the police, the NHS, London Fire Brigade, TfL, Fulham FC and many more. They learned lots of life skills to help their transition to secondary school.