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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Year 6 - Mc Cormack


Year 6 and Year 5 at Westminster Cathedral – To prepare us for Advent and the coming of Jesus at Christmas, we attended the Catholic Children’s Society Carol Service



Big First Aid Lesson - Taking part in the Nation’s biggest interactive First Aid Lesson.



Class Worship – One group leading the Class Worship for our whole class to prayer and reflect.



Digestive System Experiment - To see how the food we eat is broken down in our body.



No pens Day – We took our Maths learning outside completing challenge cards without using any pens just our verbal reasoning to explain.



Kingswood - Starting our year together by a week away.



Gospel Stories – Through our Sources topic we compared the story of ‘Jesus feeding the Five Thousand’ in the four Gospels to find similarities and differences.



Imperial War Museum – As part of our WW2 learning we visited the excellent exhibitions at the Imperial War Museum and learnt about a family who lived during that time.



Reader of the Month – Celebrating the excellent readers in our class who read every day.