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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Year 5 2021 Overview

We warmly welcome you to join us on our incredible learning journey this year. Year 5 are taught by Mr Bloomfield (5D) and Mr Booth and Mr Bridges (5T).  An exciting and innovative year awaits our learners as they progress into Upper Key Stage 2.


We encourage all children to use their learning muscles - innovation, collaboration, persistence, reflection and resourcefulness - to enhance their learning with an emerging sense of responsibility and independence. These are vital skills that are needed to face the challenges that will await them in Year 6. Our classrooms provide an environment where every child is given the opportunity to achieve excellence and success.


We look forward to communicating with you about your child’s progress, achievements and experiences at school. Forging strong relationships with families is important to us and we encourage you to discuss the needs of your children as they arise. Please feel free to talk with us after school or, for more longer conversations, please make an appointment at the office to arrange a face-to-face meeting or telephone call.


Year 5 offers an enriched curriculum which engages and stimulates all learners. We pride ourselves on creating a learning culture which enables all children to be motivated and challenged, while being supported and feeling safe, confident and happy.