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Year 4 - Bridges

Picture 1 A visit to the Science Museum
Picture 2 Developing our dictionary skills
Picture 3 Enjoying fortune cookies
Picture 4 Investigating fractions using music
Picture 5 Using Numicon in Maths
Picture 6 Our recycled frames made with The Loop
Picture 7 Solving maths investigations
Picture 8 Learning to use and atlas in Geography
Picture 9 Creating a newspaper report on alien abduction


In Autumn term we have learnt about the Ancient Egypt and the process of mummification.



These are our first readers of the month for this academic year! Congratulations and carry on with the good work in the following months!



Our English topic for Spring first half term is “Dragons”. We love this topic and we have done some interesting work about it, like this mind maps about dragons!



We really enjoyed making ear gongs in Science to investigate  how sounds travel.