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Year 3 Summer 2 Gallery 2022

Comparing Mass

As our first lesson, we used a pan balance to compare the mass of two objects: which one was heavier/lighter?
Great teamwork Year 3!

Corpus Christi Mass Celebration

We had a beautiful celebration with our First Holy Communion children, followed by a procession lead by Fr. Richard and Fr. Ephraim. The children wore their beautiful Holy Communion outfits and we celebrated as a whole school. Well done!

Year 3 got hands on when making 3-D shapes. We used nets and managed to make shapes like cylinders, cones, cubes and even different prisms!

This term we are learning all about the Romans. We learned about Roman Society and how different people were treated. 

We had so much fun in Year 3 using Bee-Bots to learn about right angles and turns. It took some getting used to but we got it in the end!