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Year 3 Summer 1 Gallery 2022

May Day Assembly - Thursday 5th May

Children in Year 3H had the opportunity to teach their parents and Lower Key Stage 2 about May Day. They discussed why May Day is celebrated and why we get a Bank Holiday at the beginning of May.


May is also share-a-story month, so some of the children read paragraphs or told a synopsis of their favourite stories.


We finished the assembly by singing 'My favourite things' from Sound of Music.


Well done to all the children for learning their lines and performing so confidently! :)


Cooking - Making Bread Rolls and Vegetable Soup

A huge thank you to Ms Beaumont, Mrs Tolentino and Ms Nobre for the opportunity to prepare, make (and most importantly, eat!) beautiful veg soup and yummy bread rolls - lots of maths skills to practice measuring and sharing to make sure everyone had enough. Such a fun afternoon!

As part of our DT topic, we are learning how levers and linkages work. This was so tricky, but we did so well - we persevered and everyone tried their hardest to make a moving lever!

PSHRE - Online Safety

In PSHRE, we've been discussing how we stay safe online. We spoke about the dangers that being on the internet can pose and we created persuasive videos to teach people how to be safe online - just like real news reporters!

PE - Catching, Throwing and Hitting Targets!

Maths - Finding Fractions of an Amount!

The children learned how different rocks were formed in the best way - doing it themselves! We created igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks by using starbursts - mind-blowing by the looks of things!

Earth Day

On the 22nd of April 2022, people across the world celebrated Earth Day. Year 3 had fun reading Stuff by Maddie Moate. They then created posters about the importance of Earth Day and learned how to make Eco Bricks.

Spirituality Week

Children were able to delve deeper into their spirituality during the stations of the cross. At each station children read and prayer and reflected on its meaning.