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Year 3 Spring 1 Gallery 2022


Monday's focus was Give. We were given a Secret Someone. We made thoughtful gifts for our friends. Look at those smiles! :)



Tuesday's focus was Keep Learning. We used the NowPressPlay to become immersed in new learning.



On Wednesday we went for a peaceful walk to Wormholt Park to have fun with our friends. This was based on our Well-Being focus, Be Active!

Wolves - Acting out and freeze frames

We acted out scenes from our new book 'Wolves' by Emily Gravett

Athletics Champs

Our children recently competed in an athletics competition - they did us so proud - future British Olympic stars perhaps?

Year 3H worked super hard putting together an assembly about our humanities and science topics: Prehistoric periods and light. We even learned the ukuleles to finish our assembly with a song about light.

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!!

Art - Shape

We studied Paul Klee's Three Houses - this piece of artwork has all kinds of geometric shapes. We then went on a shape hunt around our room to find geometric shapes - both 2-D and 3-D!

We know that shiny, smooth surfaces are the best reflectors of light. We used torches and mirrors to investigate how mirrors work.

Spanish - NowPressPlay

We were immersed in a Spanish experience using our Now Press Play headphones. We were so excited and involved in it, it was brilliant! We got to practice our Spanish greetings.

We counted different amounts of money using notes and coins.

We calculated different amounts of money using different coins.

We have been learning about seasonal fruits that grow in different countries. We took our knowledge of these fruits and made an amazing fruit crumble. They were very popular!

ITV's Newest Saturday Night Game Show - What's in the Box??

In learning about light and dark in Science, we played with light and dark. We turned off all the lights and created "light boxes". Our friends hid items in the cereal boxes - when there was an absence of light, we couldn't see anything. When we poked holes in the bottom of the cereal boxes to let the light in, we were able to see! Light makes things visible to the human eye. Such a fun guessing game.

Warning - geniuses at work! We've begun dividing 2-digit and 1-digit numbers, including with remainders! We're going to be practicing this a lot in Year 3 :)

Español - ¿cuándo es tú cúmpleaños?

We learned how to ask someone when it is their birthday, and then tell them when our birthday is. Go on, ask us!!