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Year 3 - Feehan

Identifying Personification

In Year 3, we are learning about really grown-up concepts in writing - like personification and similes! We used our colouring pencils on these poems to highlight descriptive language, interesting adjectives and personification.

Oil Spill Experiment

You’ve head about oil spills on the news, you’ve read about the cleanup in the newspaper but did you know you could learn about ocean pollution right at home or in the classroom? This big idea struck us hard and we wanted to find out; why are oil spills so hard to clean up? Why are they so harmful? Have a look to see how we did!

Football Skills

We know that football is an extremely important sport to lots of people around the UK. We know some rules of the game, but we wanted to develop our skills in football to really improve. We used our spatial awareness and developed passing skills, which really helped with team work as well!

Maths - Place Value

Our first day back! It's been so exciting to see all our friends again. We got straight into our work and used different materials to make numbers. Look! We our now working with hundreds. Wow!