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Year 3 Autumn 2 Gallery 2021

This week we took part in a steam activity. We all made mazes and raced to see who could get the pin to the finish line using magnets!

Science Museum - Feel the Forces show!

Still image for this video

Science Museum - Feel the Forces show!

Still image for this video

Science Museum - Feel the Forces show!

Still image for this video

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

Here you see some professional actors creating freeze frames from our story The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. They did an amazing job, it was like being at the cinema!

DT - Chopping fruit to make a fruit skewer!

We worked on keeping our bodies healthy by doing lots of fun activities and games that involved exercise!

Marshmallow Maths

We read a story about sharing marshmallows - which fitted perfectly in our learning about division! We divided the packs of marshmallows evenly between our groups so that each child had enough for their hot chocolate. Yummy!

Some amazing animals that come from all over the world came to visit us! We were so excited.

Look at the wonderful animals that came to visit us :)

All We Know - Division

We have worked so hard on multiplication and division and have been able to link the two - we know that division is the opposite of multiplication!

Making Arrays in Multiplication

We represented different multiplication sentences using counters! This helps us to learn what multiplication really looks like.

Computing - Coding

We created a mind map about using the internet this week!

At St John XXIII, we are very environmentally aware. This means we like to look after our environment. To show how much of a problem rubbish can be - we collected loads of rubbish as a school and created outfits out of it - we even got to walk the runway!

MangaHigh Maths - Live Lesson!

This week was Maths Week - we had a live lesson and got to have interactive maths using the computers - we really enjoyed it!

Shared Reading

Our favourite time in Year 3 is when we get to share stories with our friends!

Creating Storyboards - ICT and English

Cross-curricular learning is really important to us here at St John XXIII. We link our learning which helps our brains to remember all the information we learn.

In English, we used the story of Leon and the Place Between to create our own story about the rabbit in the book. We made a storyboard- on computers!