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Year 3 Autumn 1 Gallery 2021

ICT and English - Storyboards

Cross-curricular learning is really important to us here at St John XXIII. We link our learning which helps our brains to remember all the information we learn.

In English, we used the story of Leon and the Place Between to create our own story about the rabbit in the book. We made a storyboard- on computers!

Story Mapping - Leon and the Place Between

Have you ever used a map when you've gotten lost?

Well we often get lost in our amazing texts in school - much like Leon and the Place Between!

We used a story map to help us sequence and remember the story and this will help us in our writing later.

Visiting Our Lady of Fatima Church

We went to our school parish church, Our Lady of Fatima to see the Baptismal Font. This was very important to us as we have been learning all about Baptism in our RE lessons. We spoke to Fr. Richard about all we know about Baptism and he took the time to answer our questions! It was so nice to see what the Baptismal Font looks like and hear what happens during Baptism.

On Thursday, Year 3H had our class assembly. This term we learned all about animals including humans, Ancient Greece, addition and subtraction and lots more. We had so much fun telling all our adults about our topics and we finished our assembly with an amazing song. IT WAS THE BEST!

Art - Andy Warhol-inspired self-portraits

Andy Warhol, an American artist, was heavily involved in the pop art movement that began in America in the 1960s. We were inspired by his use of colour - especially bright colours - so we decided to make self-portraits of our own!

What a day!

We began with some classic Olympics - javelin, shot put, races and target practice.

We quickly moved onto designing Greek shields using various artistic materials, followed by a fantastic feast of pittas, houmous, feta cheese, and olives!

We ended the day with some maths involving Greek numerals - they were funky!

Followed by some beautiful designs on Greek vases.

All Fun and Games

All in for PE!

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We had a great laugh doing PE this week - look at how agile we are!

Dance - In Action!

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Maths - Evaluating Solutions

Sometimes in Maths, the answer we get just isn't quite right! That happened today in Year 3, so we decided to use our evaluation brains and our Base 10 and counters to check our answers - it put us on the right track!

English - Using Persuasive Language to Advertise

Yesterday in English, we created persuasive sentences using our modal verbs (must, will and should) and our persuasive language! We read over our sentences and practiced them. We then used our persuasive sentences to create an advert for the amazing Abdul Kazam's show! We advertised the circus. Have a look below!

Come to the Circus!

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Mysterious Magicians!

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Maths Challenge Cards

In Year 3, we are trying to develop our Maths skills every day. We all motivated ourselves today to take a challenge from the challenge card box, to put our addition and subtraction skills to use! We wanted to show off how we have been practicing these skills. Check out some of the difficult questions we were faced with!

We learned all about our muscles and joints in Science, so we decided to put them in good use! We did different types of exercises in order to get our muscles working, and identified our hinge and ball-and-socket joints.

Running Backwards!

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In PE, we have been practicing the skills that make us the sports superstars we know we can be. We are training ourselves to be agile- this includes running BACKWARDS!

Are male skulls bigger than female skulls?

Measuring our Skulls - In Action!

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As part of our investigation into the human body and all that comes with it, we had a question: even though we all have the same bones, are some people's bones bigger than others? We decided to investigate whether there was a difference between female skulls and male skulls in terms of size. We measured our own heads using measuring tapes.

We have been learning la fruta with Mr Pastor - we even got up and had a song and dance!!

New PE Kits!

How cool are we! We've gotten new school PE kits - we can't wait to put them to good use with Mr Bridges on Friday!!

In Year 3, we are learning about really grown-up concepts in writing - like personification and similes! We used our colouring pencils on these poems to highlight descriptive language, interesting adjectives and personification.

You’ve heard about oil spills on the news, you’ve read about the cleanup in the newspaper but did you know you could learn about ocean pollution right at home or in the classroom? This big idea struck us hard and we wanted to find out; why are oil spills so hard to clean up? Why are they so harmful? Both classes, 3H and 3F, joined together to investigate how we can look after our environment and help combat climate change. We learned how difficult it is to remove fossil fuels, such as oil, from our oceans using different resources. Have a look to see how we did!

Football skills in the SUN!

We know that football is an extremely important sport to lots of people around the UK. We know some rules of the game, but we wanted to develop our skills in football to really improve. We used our spatial awareness and developed passing skills, which really helped with team work as well!

Our first day back! It's been so exciting to see all our friends again. We got straight into our work and used different materials to make numbers. Look! We our now working with hundreds. Wow!