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Great Fire of London Experience Day


We started subtracting 2-digit numbers in 2F. We've been using tens and ones columns, just like in addition, and tens and ones counters to help us to figure out what subtraction looks like. We've also started doing subtraction sums in our maths books.

Adding 2-digit numbers

Today we started adding 2-digit numbers. This was really tricky so we used our counters and addition boards to help us. We made the numbers (we know to use tens counters for the tens and ones counters for the ones). Then we used our number sentences (written on our tables). This will help us when we start column addition in our Maths books!

Addition and Subtraction

Look how we use different Maths resources to help us with our thinking.

This week, we have been using tens frames and hundred squares to help us to add and subtract different numbers.

We've been crossing tens!

We know what 13-5 equals to. We also know what 25-8 equals to. We are adding and subtracting with big numbers!


We started adding this week! How fun!

Here, we are using ten frames and tens and ones counters.

We know that by adding 10 (1 ten) and 6 (6 ones) you get 16.

Soon, we will be able to add even bigger numbers!

Our counters help us to organise our thinking and shows us exactly what adding looks like.

Number Work

This week, we wanted to investigate the differences between different numbers. We know that some numbers are bigger than others, some are smaller than others and some are equal. 

See how we have used the greater than (>), less than (<) and equal to (=) symbols?

We are showing how different resources can be used to make the same numbers.

We work together to solve problems with these numbers, such as; "is 34 greater than, less than or equal to 66?"

Place Value (Tens and Ones)

In Maths in September, we have been working with numbers. We use Base 10 to create different numbers, which help us to understand tens and ones.

We love to work together and use different Maths resources to help us figure things out!