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Adding 2-digit numbers

We began adding 2-digit numbers today. We started by using the tens and ones counters and Base 10 to make the numbers. By separating the numbers into columns, we were able to add them together. Look how we have used the Maths resources and  written our number sentences.

This will help us when we begin adding 2-digit numbers in our books.


Greater Than, Less Than

Big numbers do not scare us in Year 2! We worked with different Maths resources to show how much we know about numbers. We know that some numbers are greater than others, some are smaller than others.

We used the greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols when making different numbers to show how much we have learned.

Number Work

We are working with different numbers in 2A.

See how we have made the same number using all different resources?

We have used number cards, Base 10 and tens and ones counters to help us understand what all these numbers look like.