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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Year 1 - Cotton


In Year 1, the children have learnt about God's creation. They worked very hard to produce a beautiful class display which shows their understanding of the religious story of Creation from book of Genesis. They know that we have a very important job to do: look after God's world!


We are now learning about Advent and how we prepare for the very special birth of Jesus at Christmas. We are beginning to recognise the different religious signs and symbols of Advent and Christmas and can talk about why they are special to us. 

Phonics and Reading 

We have a daily phonics session in small groups with an adult. During this time we consolidate the sounds we have learnt and are beginning to learn new sounds including alternative sounds and those tricky words!

Some of us read our reading books with our adults in these phonics sessions and this helps to develop our fluency and a love of reading. 


We began our year by looking at one of our favourite authors Julia Donaldson and some of her books. We have begun to write in full sentences and are trying very hard to remember our capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops! 


Now we are reading Halibut Jackson by David Lucas. We are really enjoying this book and have used lots of drama and role-play to explore the character of Halibut Jackson.


We have used a wide variety of manipulatives to develop our mathematical understanding. We have represented numbers using numicon, number beads, counters, counting bears and more. We have compared numbers using Gabby the Gator and partitioned numbers using part-part whole models and various concrete resources. 


We have been looking at the four seasons and in particular the Autumn and Winter seasons. We went on an Autumn hunt to gather up as many clues which are associated with Autumn. We have also been keeping a daily weather chart in class to keep track of the daily weather patterns. 

Humanities: Geography and History


In Geography we learnt about the 4 countries that make up the United Kingdom. 

We learnt exciting facts about each country and got to know even more about our home country: England!




In History we are learning about The Gun Powder Plot. 

To celebrate it, we had our experience day on the 5th November where children came in dressed as fireworks. We had lots of fun including making the Houses of Parliament!


Year 1 are becoming very independent in using computers in their learning. They have shown amazing resilience to practice logging into the computers independently and navigating through MS Windows to open up and select software and programs. They are now very confidently using the computer mouse and keyboards as well to complete activities. 

Weekly homework is also set online through Purple Mash to ensure the children are continuing to practice their computing skills at home.