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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Year 1 - Cotton


In year 1, the children have been exploring the story of Creation from the book of Genesis. They worked very hard to produce a beautiful class display which recognises the various parts of Creation. Some children also incorporated thank you prayers for their favourite parts of God's beautiful Creation. The children have also been looking at the story of Noah's ark and have recognised some very important characters and symbols within this story. To deepen their understanding of their faith and reflect on their personal relationship with God they also actively participate within weekly collective worship sessions in class. 


We have been having lots of fun applying our phonic knowledge in a variety of creative ways. During our daily phonics sessions we have used cotton buds and paint to form new and taught sounds. We have taken full advantage of our school grounds to practice using our sounds in words with our neatest handwriting. We have also used salt trays to practice forming our sounds.


In year 1 we have been focussing on the Brazilian Carnival held in Rio de Janeiro. We have been exploring Brazilian legends and have acted out the legend of the Vitoria-Regia. We have also been exploring carnival poetry about a fruity carnival headdress and had lots of fun tasting new and exotic fruits. As well as this, we have used art to support our postcard writing by creating collages of famous Brazilian landmarks.


We have used a wide variety of manipulatives to develop our mathematical understanding. We have represented numbers using numicon, number beads, counters, counting bears and more. We have compared numbers using Gabby the Gator and partitioned numbers using part-part whole models and various concrete resources. 


Year 1 have been exploring the Carnival held in Rio de Janeiro. The children have immersed themselves in everything Rio! We have designed, created and painted our own percussion instruments. We used construction blocks to create the city of Rio. We have also made comparisons between the city of Rio and our own lovely city of London.


We have been looking at the four seasons and in particular the Autumn season. We went on an Autumn hunt to gather up as many clues which are associated with Autumn. We have also been keeping a daily weather chart in class to keep track of the daily weather patterns. We have enjoyed observing and caring for the plants in our allotment and have discussed the different parts of a plant we could see. 


In year 1 we encourage and celebrate reading. We take it in turns to read to our classroom teddy bears. We become tricky word hunters and work hard to spot tricky words in our classroom reading books. We also celebrate our Readers of the Week.