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Wednesday 6th May


Handwriting and Spellings

Attached you will find a list of spellings that you must learn.

The first activity is also a chance to practice your handwriting. If you cannot print the sheets up, then you should do it in a book or on a sheet and complete.

The second activity sheet has a crossword puzzle based on your spellings and a short writing challenge based on Goodnight Mister Tom.
Try to make it as interesting/funny as you can.
If you cannot print the crossword, then you can draw your own and fill in the answers.
You can either complete the writing challenge by writing it or typing it.


Following on from the work you did on reading and interpreting data, we will now look at ho to calculate the mean (also called the average).

Below, you will find 5 attachments. 
They should be completed in this order:
1). A video explaining how to calculate the mean/average. You only need to watch this video up to 1min 15 seconds.
2). A video to show you how calculating the mean can be used when data is represented in a table.
3). A poster to remind you of how to calculate the mean/average.
4). Complete activity sheet 1 by calculating the mean/average.
5). Complete the Challenge sheet based on the Avengers.


If you cannot print up the activities then you can complete on a sheet or in a book OR create the tables in Google docs or Microsoft word.

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Art - VE Day

Use the videos attached to help you draw and design your own tea cup and saucer OR tea pot celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. The examples in the videos are quite small, so if you want to make them bigger; feel free to do so.
There are examples attached, but you can decide on a design your feel best represents the celebration.

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