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Wednesday 29th April


Continuing on with your learning in Chapter 6, please complete the activities attached.

If you cannot print, then you can either write up on to sheets or in a a book OR complete in Google docs or Microsoft Word.



Attached you will find documents with graphs/charts representing data. Please answer questions.

I have enlarged the first graph on the second page as it might make it easier to read.

 If you can print it up, then you can complete on the sheets.

Otherwise, you can either write up the answers on a sheet/in your books OR do in Google docs or Microsoft word



This science lesson continues on with our unit on Electrical Circuits.
You will be taking a look at the components (parts) of a circuit and exploring the different symbols (instead of images) used to draw these circuits as diagrams.

Please follow the information and activities in the order they are laid out in:
1) Video:
2) Powerpoint: Circuit Components and their Symbols
3) Circuit Diagrams Examples
4) Matching Circuit Symbols worksheet
5) Circuit Symbols Online Matching Speed Test
6) Learning Circuits Online Tutorials

If you cannot print no. 4) Matching Circuit Symbols worksheet, then you can draw your own table and complete it
Create your own table in Google docs/Microsoft Word and complete it.

For 5) Circuit Symbols Online Matching Speed Test, you must follow the link and complete this SPEED QUIZ in the fastest time possible.


Remember, they should all be correct in the quickest time to win.

For 6) Learning Circuits Online Tutorials:
First, you must pick your character and insert your name. Then, you will be transferred to the activity page where you will find a Learning Circuits platform. At the bottom, there will be 7 buttons/tabs (starting with Electricity Basics) that will take you to a different page to help you learn about different areas of circuit building.You must complete the Electricity Basics, Simple Circuits and Circuit Basics sections.When you finish each activity, print screen it and turn it in. 

How to draw an Electric Circuit diagram for Kids

Kids can learn about drawing circuit symbols and circuit diagrams in this short and simple educational video.