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On Thursday I will be doing a live PHSE lesson for 2N at 11-11.30am. You will receive an invitation I want you to watch this story before the lesson. . Think about the people who you are missing. Draw a picture of the person who are looking forward to hugging when we are allowed and be prepared to share your pictures and your reasons. I can't wait to see you all.
From Mrs Nolan

ENGLISH- Writing. Read the sentences and fill in the missing sentences in the past or present tense. Then try to join them together to write about what it was like to go to on holiday as a Victorian. Write on the sheet or in your homework book.

MATHS- Measuring with blocks and How long is that?

Log into Mathletics and complete the above tasks. I have set some other measuring tasks. See if you can complete those. Remember if you earn 1000 points in a week you receive a certificate. You can see them on Mathletics.

HISTORY- Grace Darling. Read through the powerpoint about Grace Darling. Can you write down 5 facts you learnt about her in your homework books?