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Wednesday 22nd

English - Grammar (Types of Nouns)

Please use the document attached to help you review the function of the different types of nouns and then complete the 'Types of Noun' activities on p4 and p5 in Grammar Book 1 and on p.4 and p.5 in Grammar Book 2.

Write into the book OR  It might be easier for some to type up in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.



Ash has returned from a long, but very successful, journey on which he has collected many Pokémon (SEE 2nd document above). However, due to the large amount he collected; he has lost track of how many different types he has. The Pokémon League Federation has become very worried about some greedy trainers having too many Pokémon to help them dominate the sport. As a result, they have brought in strict rules for all competitors to record the amount of the different types of Pokémon they capture and to submit their data in the form of a bar chart or line graph. As there is a major tournament at the weekend, an anxious Ash has asked you to help him sort and record the data correctly. I hope you can help!!!


First of all you will have to look at his collection below and use the ‘Types of Pokémon’ document to help you count the different types of Pokémon Ash has collected and record in the tally chart/frequency table below. (Water Type has been done for you as an example)


Attached you will find 5 documents:
1) Review and recap on data collection and recording
2) Pokemon captured by Ash
3) The Types of Pokemon (i.e. Water, Bug, Dragon, etc.) - USE THIS SHEET TO HELP YOU IDENTIFY THE

                                                                                            TYPES OF POKEMON THAT ASH CAPTURED 

                                                                                             IN DOCUMENT 2
4) Use this tally chart/frequency table to record the different types of Pokemon captured by Ash
     Use link to remind you of how to use tally chart/frequency table:

5) Bar Chart Template to record information from tally chart/frequency table.
Feel free to use these to create any type of graph or table you think best represents Ash's data.


                                                      REMEMBER TO LABEL EVERYTHING!!!

ART - Draw your own Pokemon


Use the links below to show you how to draw different Pokemon:           =  Pikachu         = Charmander         = Mew             = Jiggly Puff         = Psyduck           = Togepi          = Snorlax            = Fennekin           = Riolu        = Umbreon            = Gengar             = Ash



Have as many goes as you want and then photograph your final effort and turn in. 
Feel free to make it as funny as you want (i.e. expressions, colours, etc.) BUT BE SENSIBLE!!!
You can also have more than one character/Pokemon in your picture.
After you turn it in, I will upload it and see if anybody can guess who drew it.

YES, you CAN draw other Pokemon not included in the above list.

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