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Wednesday 13th May

After you have read chapter 10, you should complete the activities attached.


Problem Solving

Attached, you will find an activity with questions which require you to solve problems which involves reading and interpreting data to help you identify the MODE and the MEAN.
Please pay close attention to my example to support your approach to the other questions.
Also, feel free to go back to the videos, PowerPoint or posters from previous lessons to remind you of what the mean and the MODE are and how to calculate them.


Attached you will find information about how to make simple circuits and support on how to create them in an online simulator.

First look at the PowerPoint and record any vital information/vocabulary you may need to help you complete the activity.

Next, look at the sheet with the circuit diagrams. First, you must predict whether the circuit will work (i.e. light the bulb) and then you should follow the link:

to create the exact circuits from the diagrams to test if they work.
Look at the HOW TO USE SIMULATOR doc for support.


When you have created each circuit, you need to print screen or use the snipping tool to copy the image of your simulation and then PASTE it into the worksheet LIKE MY EXAMPLE SHOWS YOU.
To move the image and edit its size, you must remember to double click the image and then select WRAP TEXT and a list will appear and then click on IN FRONT OF TEXT. This will enable you to move it around the page.

Next, Write your explanation of why it does or doesn't work and how you could fix it if it needs to be.


If you cannot use the document attached to complete the activity, then create your own table in Google docs or Microsoft Word and you can complete without the symbol diagrams.