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Tuesday 5th May


After you have read chapter 8 of Goodnight Mister Tom, complete the activities attached below.

Maths - Speed Tests

Use the link below to take you to two speed tests. 

The first one is a mix between addition and subtraction of  numbers up to 2- 30.
The second one is a multiplication test with numbers from 2-12.

The test lasts 120 seconds as soon as the page opens, it will be interesting to see who can get the highest score.

Please remember to say whether it is the first one or the second one in your title before turning in




The Blitz - Using Evidence

Attached you will find a document containing sources showing different views of how the Blitz was viewed as it happened. Examine the extracts and photographs carefully and think about what information they give you about the Blitz. You will need to decide whether the source shows the British people can take the attacks or if they can’t. 
You must then write the name of the source (i.e. Source A) into the column you think it should go into and explain what the source represents and why you decided to place it in that column.