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Tuesday 28th April


After you have read chapter 6, please complete the activities attached.

If you cannot print, then write answers on sheet or in books.
Answer in Google docs or Microsoft.


If you cannot print, you can either write up the answers OR do in Google docs or Microsoft word.



Continuing on with the Pokemon theme from last weeks art and maths, I though you might find this interesting.

Below, you will find links to tutorials for origami activities based on creating a Pikachu model.

I would advise that you follow the video AS you do the activity. You can pause at any stage and go back if needed.

Have as many goes as you want and see what you can create.

Pokémon Origami Crafts - How to Fold Origami Pikachu from Pokémon Go - Easy Origami Instructions

In this tutorial, learn to fold an origami Pikachu, inspired by Pokémon Go. I loved Pikachu growing up, and thought a paper Pikachu would be a fun, beginner,...

Pokemon Pikachu. Easy Origami Tutorial

Hello, my friend! Today i'm gonna show you how to make Pokemon Pikachu from paper! I used one piece of paper 10x10 cm size for this origami pokemon. It's so ...

Origami Pikachu Balloon Easy for Kids | How to Make a Paper Pokemon Go | Pokémon Origami Crafts

"enjoy paper! origami tutorials". This is a video how to make origami Pokemon Pikachu. It's very easy but cool to fold for kids and beginners. Very cute orig...