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Tuesday 12th May



Attached you will find an activity that explores the reaction of one of the disciples after the Resurrection
Study the image and reflect on its meaning.

To understand the story behind it follow the link:


Then complete activities underneath the image.


After you have read chapter 9, you should complete the activities attached.


Continuing on with our work based on reading and interpreting data/statistics, you will now learn about the mode and how to identify it.
Attached you will find a video, a PowerPoint and a poster to help you develop your understanding and then you can complete the activities attached.
PLEASE READ THE DATA (number sets) CAREFULLY!!! (Especially in the second problem activity).

Statistics - Find the mode for a set of data

This video shows how you can find the mode for a set of data. Remember that the mode is the data point that shows up the most often. Sometimes you have two d...