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On Thursday I will be doing a live PHSE lesson for 2N at 11-11.30am. You will receive an invitation I want you to watch this story before the lesson. . Think about the people who you are missing. Draw a picture of the person who are looking forward to hugging when we are allowed and be prepared to share your pictures and your reasons. I can't wait to see you all.
From Mrs Nolan

ENGLISH-Practise writing the common exception words.

MATHS-Complete the questions on the sheet or in your homework books. Remember we measure using centimetres or metres. Centimetres are smaller than metres. Do you have a ruler at home? See what you can measure with it.

ART- Learning to draw animals. Have a look at the guides to draw jungle animals. Now have a go yourself. Follow the step by step instructions. Upload photos of your achievements so we can see.