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ENGLISH-PHONICS: alternative graphemes ('ai, 'ay' or 'a_e')Today you are focusing on the same sound that can be represented in different ways: 'ai, 'ay' or 'a_e'

MATHS-Watch the video about finding 3/4 and then complete the worksheet either on the sheet or in your homework book. Remember 3/4 is 3 parts of 4

SCIENCE: Scientists and Inventors. Your new topic is all about scientists and inventors. Start by taking a look at our knowledge organiser to give you an overview of this topic. Then have a read through lesson 1 powerpoint. Your task is either of the following, depending on the resources you have at home: 1. Create your own greenhouse suing straws and plastic. 2. Create your own biome box. The instructions can be found on the Eden Project website. 3. Draw a picture of the Eden project (using their website to help you) and write a few facts underneath. Enjoy!