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Summer 1 Gallery 2021

Steam Day

We made balloon powered race cars during the Summer Term. It involved a lot of cutting, hot glue guns and precision but the results were fantastic. Check out our photos and videos below. 

Steam Day - Race Cars

On your marks...

Still image for this video


As we returned to school we were challenged to create several activities to test our team work, problem solving and innovation. In year 5 we enjoyed playing some classic board games to do just this. 

Science - Earth and Space

In the Summer term we created a human solar system in the playground to further our learning on earth and space. We thought about orbits; time taken for a day, month and year on each planet; the position of and distance from the sun of the planets in our solar system and other objects that can be found floating through space.

Science - Living things


We have learnt all about asexual and sexual reproduction within plants. We dissected flowering plants, identified the male and female gametes and create our own representation of the reproductive cycle of plants.

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima - May Procession 


We celebrated a lovely - all be it very wet - feast of Our Lady of Fatima. We took the opportunity to crown our statue of Our Lady with flowers and pray The Rosary together.