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Summer 1 2021

Instruction Writing - Bird Feeders

Making Bird Feeders

In our book The Robot and the Bluebird, our little friend the bird had faced a cold, harsh winter. The bird was hungry and tired from his hard journey through the cold climate, so we decided to make bird feeders to help him regain his energy after the winter. We used lard, bird seed, cheese, and raisins, then hung them outside for the birds to eat after the cold weather they faced in the UK!

Geography - Northern Europe

We have been working on learning lots of information about five countries in Northern Europe- Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. We have learned about physical and human features and compared them to those in the UK. We have also learned about the climate and made our own weather reports!

We had a day centred around the five countries of Northern Europe we learned about- Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. We dress up in the colours of the flags and we became explorers just like Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen! After climbing the snow-capped mountains to see the Northern Lights, we decided to recreate those beautiful sights with black paper and chalk. After all that hard work, we were so hungry that we ate our unique Northern European foods so quickly- we ate so fast we did not have time to take pictures!

Shakespeare Week - The Tempest

Look how we made our focus story: Shakespeare's The Tempest - come alive! Through acting out the story, a live story workshop, and beautiful pastel art- we brought the terrifying, thundering storm in Shakespeare's The Tempest right inside our classroom! We became the characters and understood the story line, talking about the characters' feelings and bringing them to life.

Making Balloon Racers