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Monday 4th May


After  you have read chapter 7 of Goodnight Mister Tom, please complete the activities attached.

If you cannot print up, then answer on sheet, in book or use google docs/Microsoft Word.


Please complete the arithmetic paper attached.

Science - Drawing Circuits

This session will build on your learning about the different types of symbols that represent components in a circuit. 
You will now use these symbols to identify the different components within a circuit diagram AND draw your own circuit diagrams with given components.
Use Doc 3a Examples of Circuit Diagrams to learn about how to identify different parts of the circuit and how to draw them.
Then, complete both activities 3b and 3c.

You can either print up, complete OR  complete each sheet by creating your own worksheet by hand BASED on the documents below and then complete.

A few of you have technology that enables you to draw and write on the documents, so feel free to do it this way.