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Monday 20th

Chapter 3 - Goodnight Mister Tom

Chapter 3 Goodnight Mister Tom - Part I


We will continue on with our reading of Goodnight Mister Tom. 
Attached is the questions for chapter 3. Please answer.


You can either write up answers on a sheet or in a book
Use Google Docs or Microsoft Word to type up.

Maths - Pokemon: Reading and interpreting Data

Maths - Pokemon: Reading and interpreting Data

Please use the information on the Pokedec sheet to help you answer the questions.
The purpose of this is that you learn how to read data accurately and use it to help you answer questions by carrying out specific functions with particular data.
PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN READING and if you cannot print it up, then perhaps you should write it out to help make it easier.
You will also be using this information for tomorrows activity, so it might save you lots of time by just writing it up.

Either write up answers on sheet OR type up in Google Docs or Microsoft Word..

TOPIC - AIr Raid Experience

Follow the link below to take you to a video about what it was like to live during the air raids.
As you watch it, answer the questions below.
You can either write answers and photograph before turning in OR use Google Docs or Microsoft Word to type up and turn in.

Follow link:

Afterwards, have a look at the Diamond 9 activity.
Think about WHY exactly the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) wanted to bomb London and other major cities in Britain.
Even though many civilians died in their houses during the Blitz, blowing up houses WAS NOT the main target of the air raids.
The Germans had many strategic targets during the air raids. Can you identify what they might have been.
Use the internet if necessary.

Then, insert into the Diamond 9 relating to their levels of importance for the German war effort.