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Monday 11th May


Following on from your reading of chapter 8, you will find two activities attached that will explore how Willie felt about particular situations in the chapter.


Also, you will find feelings vocabulary mats to support your writing. Feel free to use more than one for each explanation.


Finding the Median

Following on from our work on how to calculate the mean/average, we will continue look at how we can interpret valuable information about sets of data (i.e. numbers, scores, heights, etc.).

Next, we will look at how to find and calculate the MEDIAN. In order to find out what the median is and how to find it , you should take a look at the clips, the PowerPoint and the poster below.

Afterwards, you should try and complete the activities attached.

Statistics - Find the median

In this video we go over two examples on how to find the median. Remember that the median is basically the middle value in our data. For more videos visit ht...

Find the Median (the Middle Number)!

How to find the median of a group of numbers. Answer: Arrange your numbers from lowest to highest and then eliminate them from the left and right, one-by-one...


The Evacuation

Below you will find a video and photos depicting images of the Evacuation that took place in Britain during World War 2. Study them and reflect on what those images tell you about the event and how children might have felt about it. Then, read the information in Preparing for the Evacuation doc and complete the task. Afterwards, you should complete the Feelings about the Evacuation activity (REMEMBER - you can do a colourful wordle instead of the mind map).

Evacuating The Children (1940)

Full title reads: "Evacuating The Children". VS Good shots including CUs of Salvation army women and policemen helping hundreds of children aboard special tr...