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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Mission and Intent


Mission Statement

Our school Mission Statement was drawn up through consultation with the Governors, Staff, Parents and Children of St John XXIII. The statement reflects our schools mission to always serve God in all aspects of our daily life.


'We aim for excellence with God at the centre of all

we think, do and say'

Mission, Vision and Intent Statements


By the time children leave St John XXIII, they will have mastered a range of skills that will support their future development. These are –

  • To be good communicators – language will be modelled daily to encourage speaking and listening
  • To be enthusiastic, lifelong learners
  • To understand how to keep themselves safe and be respectful in their communities
  • To develop their God given talents by being creative
  • To be independent, resilient learners who enjoy challenges

Reading is prioritised across the curriculum offer to support pupils in in accessing the full curriculum. Children enjoy reading in class through Class Readers, Guided Reading, English Lessons and also independent reading where reading for pleasure is promoted.

Teaching and Learning Handbook - Intent, Curriculum Design, Implementation and Impact