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ENGLISH-SPAG Activity Mat.

MATHS- Time. Compare durations. Today you will be comparing how long different things take. Remember to count carefully. Complete on here or in your homework books.

SCIENCE- Today we are looking at a famous American scientist called Rachel Carson. She loved the ocean and learnt lots about life found in the ocean and how they can be affected by what humans do on land! She found out the devastating effects farmers have on the oceans when they spray pesticides on their crops. The pesticides would run into the oceans and harm much of life found there. Have a watch of the youtube clip and powerpoint attached which tells you a bit about her. FIRST ACTIVITY: This would have been done in pairs in class so if you have an adult or a sibling with you at home try and get them involved. Each of you have a different Carson fact file to the other. The answers you need will be found on your partners fact file so read the fact files out to each other! SECOND OPTIONAL ACTIVITY: Rachel Carson cared very much about life in the ocean. Could you create a 'PROTECT OUR OCEANS' poster? How can we protect our oceans and keep the marine ecosystems safe?