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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Curriculum Enrichment

Enrichment activities are a particular strength of the school. Children frequently go on many trips outside of school making full use of the London's amenities, such as museums and galleries, but we also make great use of our surrounding area with visits to The River Thames and Local Recycling Plants. 


The school ensures that there are suitable opportunities to build on, extend and value pupils’ own diverse knowledge, experience, interests and competencies.


The use of specialist music, drama and peripatetic teachers greatly enhances pupils’ cultural development.


We have specialist teachers for Music, Drama, Art, French, Dance, Yoga and Sports.


The cultural curriculum and education is a strength of the school with many children taking peripatetic music lessons and playing in the School of Rock both in and out of school. Drama is used to enrich speaking and listening skills together with fostering a love of acting and performing.


Children take part in Early Morning Exercise to ensure they maintain healthy active lifestyles.


We work closely with QPR to support active lifestyles, keeping fit and being healthy. 


Children are encouraged to attend a residential visit whilst in Year 6.  Through this trip, children develop teamwork, independence, resilience and experience life away from their normal urban surroundings. We always have high take up of these visits, children enjoy them and learn a great deal about becoming more independent by taking part. Links to find out more about the residential trip can be found at the bottom of this page.


We offer a wider curriculum outside of the normal teaching day, before school, during breaks and lunchtime as well as after school. We have a wide variety of clubs that appeal to a range of interests and ages. We review our provision annually and ask the children about what sorts of club they would like to see on offer. There is high demand for all our clubs and we aim to have something on offer for everyone over the course of each year.