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15th June


After you have read chapter 15, you should complete the activities attached.


Area of Triangles - Reasoning

Attached you will find resources to help further develop your understanding of finding the area of triangles. You must then use this to help you complete the reasoning and problem solving activities below. Please ensure your explanations are detailed and clear and that they include an example if necessary.

Example finding area of triangle

Example finding area of triangle

Area of Compound Shapes - Corbettmaths

Corbettmaths - A video explaining how to find the area of compound shapes. The examples used are mostly rectangles and triangles. This video will help you wi...

Area of Compound Shapes


Abstract Portrait

This activity will build on the work you did with your self portraits by exploring the techniques used to produce abstract portraits. 

Abstract art is modern art which does not represent images of our everyday world. It uses various colours, lines and shapes (form), to produce images that represent objects or subjects in an alternative way. Study the images below and focus particularly on the colours and shapes used to create and design each portrait. Each portrait is an image of a real person, but the artist has used their own unique perspective of their subject to create their own effect or pattern to represent them in an unusual (or abstract way). REMEMBER IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AN ACCURATE DRAWING.

Attached you will find a document that gives you a step by step guide of how you should create your very own abstract self portraits. Use this to help you draw your own abstract portrait of yourself on the template provided.
If you cannot print the template, then create your own outline with a pencil (sketch lightly) and colour each shape you create in different colours. You may use as many colours as you wish and design the colours in whatever way you like. BE CREATIVE!!!

It would be helpful to either sit in front of a mirror OR take a photo of yourself on a phone/tablet and have it in front of you as you draw each section.