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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future

Year 1 - Newman


We really enjoyed our airport experience day last term. We had a fun filled morning of making vehicles to travel to the airport, holiday planning, exploring the holiday shop, exchanging currency at the Bureau de Change and exploring hot and cold holiday destinations. But the highlight of the day had to be arriving at the airport with passports and boarding passes, going through checking and security before boarding St John Airways and enjoying an inflight movie and snacks.



In Maths we have been exploring number bonds to 20 and enjoyed the challenge of creating paperchains to show each of the ways you can make 20. We found that there are 21 different ways.



In Year 1 we are privileged to have weekly sessions with the Sisters of Charity. We really enjoy exploring the stories of Jesus in more depth through Godly play. We have also deepened our understanding of the church, symbols and special celebrations through the exploration of items that are used during mass.



We then used 10s frames to help us to learn how to bridge to 10 when adding and subtracting within 20.



We learnt about the importance of following instructions carefully and in order when we were set the challenge of making a dinosaur biscuit. We had to follow a set of instructions to see if we could make a biscuit that looked exactly like the mystery biscuit.



We were very excited to investigate which type of paper would be best to carry water. We made cones out of the different types of paper and timed how long it took for each type to leak when filled with water.



We really enjoyed reading the story Tyrannosaurs Drip. We were very surprised to see a photograph of the T-Rex’s from the story trying to get in to our playground. We had lots of fun designing our own traps for the dinosaurs in the playground and writing instructions on how to build them.

Let’s hope it keeps them away !!!!



During Internet safety week we thought about the ways we are connected to each other. By passing the wool around the circle we were able to share the positive ways we connect with our friends.

We talked about how we can stay safe when we connect with people online.



We then explored connecting to others online by creating our own class blog. We each created a dinosaur on 2paint and added them to a class blog using the JIT webby programme.