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St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Inspiring Faith in our Future



Nursery had a Chinese New Year experience day. The children made dragon puppets, wore red, took part in a dragon dance and made and ate Chinese moon cakes.



The children enjoyed performing their very first Nativity play for their parents. Every child had a line and they learned special songs.



In the Early Years playground there is lots of hands-on equipment which keeps the children active and learning in different ways.



In R.E., the children learn through acting out common experiences that happen in the church. Here, the children are acting out a baptism.



The children also enjoy small world play. Here, the children are consolidating their R.E. learning by using the small world church and people.



The children love to bake and cook in Nursery, learning about the food they eat as well as the science behind the changes we can cause to food.



In nursery, the children learn to recognise and write their names, as well as learning phonics sounds through song, sensory and listening activities.



The children build up strength and coordination through fine motor activities which help with their writing and cutting skills.



The children learn lots of counting and number skills through practical, hands on activities.